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Whats with wool? Breathable - Insulation - Odour Resistance

Wool is a natural fiber that when worn as a garment reacts to the wearer’s temperature keeping them comfortable. Absorbing moisture and allowing it to evaporate keeps the garment free, remaining breathable and not clinging like synthetic fibers.


We all know exercise increases the body temperature and perspiration. Placing merino wool against the skin counteracts the natural cooling function of the body keeping you warm when exercising in cold environments like, skiing, hiking and outdoors. Conversely, using the merino garment as the base layer of clothing will assist with cooling the body and wicking moisture away from the skin helping to cool and keep you dry. Choosing the right clothing and combinations can make a big difference to the comfort and effectiveness of the insulation or cooling of the body.

The fine fiber of merino wool makes it extremely comfortable against the skin. At 13 to 22 micron size it is much finer than human hair at an average value of 75 micron (nominal value). Some merino breeds can produce wool that is even finer than cashmere.

Add to the comfort factor wool’s natural resistance to odour and you have the perfect garment to place against your skin. Many adventurist report that after wearing woolen garments for days and even weeks they do not suffering the unpleasant and offensive smell others fibers and garments harbor.

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