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Merino garments make the perfect base layer to keep you warm and dry.

During the colder months we should all be thinking about what layers we want to be wearing to live through these times warm and comfortably.

Just as much thought should be given to the types of fabric that we use in each of these layers. This is the critical first step when selecting the layers of clothing for your situation and activity.

It is critical because to stay warm you need a base layer fabric against that skin that will manage the moisture created by perspiration created with light to medium activity – It should be your main consideration for the base layer.

Our merino woolen under garments are a great choice for your first layer of clothing worn against the skin when embarking on outside activity. The fine merino wool fiber feels soft and gentle against the skin - no itch! 

The natural wicking ability of merino wool to draw moisture away from the skin keeps you dry and therefore warm. Wool also helps to naturally manage body odor making it a pleasant choice for all, including the environment.

The fine fiber of merino does not itch. Unlike the traditional woolen garments your grandmother would knit, the much finer merino fiber is kind on the skin, feeling soft, comforting, even luxurious.

Wearing a merino base layer for your normal daily activity that doesn’t involve excessive sweating or perspiration is a great base layer option. Perfect for wearing on a hike, watching sports, gardening and enjoying the outdoors.

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