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From field to fashion.

Our garment manufacturers in Auckland, NZ, take much pride and care to ensure that the merino garment you buy from OSOKIND is genuinely 100% merino wool fiber.

Our suppliers take full ownership and control of every piece of the garment marking process – from sourcing virgin merino wool, it’s cleaning, spinning, knitting, dyeing, garment manufacture, quality control and packing.

There is no blending with fibers from other international merino flocks or other animals. The same cannot be said for many high street brands of merino garments available today.

This is important so you can be sure that you get the full benefit of this unique merino wool that has evolved to produce a very fine light weight knitwear suitable for wearing against the skin. With its many fine fibers producing the formed fabric it traps more small air pockets locking in body heat to make a superior insulator whilst remaining breathable. Absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in moisture plus wicking it away from the skin the wearer remains dry with better temperature regulation – Warm in winter, cool in summer.

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